Four essentials for beach rest

Sunbathing and lying on the beach is one of the best resting activities, it’s so relaxing! It would be even more relaxing if you have a perfect beach resting spot and all the needed accessories. Here’s a checklist of four must-have items for the beach season.

1. Portable Sunbed

Some beaches have sun loungers, some don’t. In any case, there’s no guaranty that you’ll find a free one to sunbathe. It’s always better to have your own sunbed that you can take with you anywhere and put it in any place. Besides, it’s more hygienic if the sun lounger is used by one person only.

2. Cooler Bag

It always feels nice to have a cool drink in hot weather, but you can’t just put the drinks in a fridge on the beach, can you? Whatever you take on the beach will heat up in no time, so the only solution is using a special cooler bag. You can choose bags of any size depending on how many items you want to bring.

3. Beach Umbrella

You must be aware that spending too much time under the direct sunlight is very harmful for your skin and may cause many serious problems. Sunscreen creams and lotions work, and you should always apply them before going outside in the summer, but more protection is needed if you spend long hours at the beach. A big anti-UV beach umbrella is the perfect solution!

4. Beach Towel

And finally, you’ll need a special beach towel. It can’t be your regular bath towel because it will easily get destroyed by salt water. Beach towels are more resistant and absorb more water; moreover, they are gentler to the tender sun-burnt skin.

With these four items you are sure ready for the beach rest!

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