How to choose the perfect cat carrier

What could be better than travelling together with your bellowed pet? And luckily, modern means of travelling allow you to do so. However, you need to make sure that your pet is comfortable during the travel, that’s why you have to think carefully before buying a carrier. In this article we will tell you how to choose a carrier for cats.

How are you going to travel?

This is very important, because on this exactly depends the type of carrier you need to buy. If you want to travel by plane, check the air company requirements regarding the pet transportation. There you will find out whether they allow pets on board or not; if yes – you can take a soft carrier, if not – a hard one. The sizes of carriers are also specified, and you need to take a carrier that doesn’t exceed them. With any other means of transport there’s more freedom of choice.

Type of a carrier

If there are no strict requirements for carriers, we recommend buying a soft, light and roomy one. They come in two types: a bag and a backpack. Bags are better for bigger and heavier cats, since they’re usually roomier. Yet, that doesn’t mean that backpacks are small, there are many options for backpack carriers, including medium and big sizes. If you’re planning on travelling on foot a lot, then backpacks are much more preferable than bags.

Also, check if the carrier has these features:

  • Soft handles, so that your hands/shoulders wouldn’t hurt;
  • Windows for your cat to see what’s around it and not panic;
  • Ventilation holes/nets to let the fresh air in.

And, of course, make sure that your cat fits in the carrier and has enough space to move and stretch a bit.

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